About GALT & Company CEO Plans

We’re all aware of the success Fortune 500 companies such as Caterpillar, Clorox and Abbott Laboratories have enjoyed, particularly in the stock market when it comes to delivering superior shareholder returns. But what is perhaps less known is the consulting that went on behind the scenes to help these corporations achieve these results.

Galt & Company is the top management advisor that supported many of the strategic and governance decisions that enabled these and other corporations to achieve and sustain superior shareholder returns.  On average, Galt clients have delivered shareholder returns more than 50 percent higher than their industry peers over an extended period of time.  Those results are extremely impressive, especially when it is recognized that less than two percent of all Fortune 500 companies have been able to deliver top quartile shareholder returns for any consecutive five-year period over the last 30 years.

According to Galt & Company cofounder, Scott Gillis, “We are singularly focused on helping our clients win in the customer and capital markets.  We measure our results by the shareholder returns our clients deliver, relative to their industry peers, over time.”  While the firm’s client results speak for themselves, former client CEOs are outspoken on the value they have received from Galt & Company’s support:

“The members of Galt & Company led a process with my team at Clorox to create the strategies, capabilities and incentives that have driven excellent results – over the last three years our total shareholder returns have been 45% vs. 10% for the S&P 500.”

  • Don Knauss, former Chairman, CEO, Clorox

“Galt & Company partners bring a unique combination of analytic rigor, strategic insight and practical implementation skills that allows them to bridge the gap between recommendations and results.”

–      Jim Kilts, Chairman, CEO, Gillette and Nabisco

“Jim Kilts, Chairman and CEO is a friend of mine who has turned around several companies.  I asked him how he did this and he mentioned that he used a particular firm, Galt & Company.  Last fall we hired Galt & Company to look at our overall strategy … their insights were non-intuitive and highly impactful.”

  • John Allison, former Chairman and CEO, BB&T

“After introducing Galt’s methodology, we’re better at targeting market segments and customers, understanding real return, and asking the right questions to filter out poor economic decisions. This is about changing the way you manage the company.”

–      Miles White, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Abbot Laboratories

With offices in New York, Chicago, London and Singapore, Galt & Company is a global operation that can helps global clients achieve superior shareholder returns. The consulting firm’s cliental covers a wide range of industries, including consumer products, food & beverage, distribution, financial services, retail, chemicals, aerospace & defense, healthcare, and more.